Studio NAFA

Established in 2007, Studio NAFA is the first of its kind in North America. Using a unique combination of student design competitions, worldwide outreach programs, and creative workshops, Studio NAFA aims to pair the creativity of today’s youth, with the strength, wisdom and skill of current-day furriers, practicing an age-old craft.


Studio NAFA provides participants the opportunity to work with top quality North American and European ranch mink and fox as well as an exceptional collection of North American wild fur. In addition, under the leadership of its talented and knowledgeable instructors, Studio NAFA participants are encouraged to experiment with fur techniques and textiles in an open and collaborative environment.


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2018 Workshop
Class of 2018

The curriculum at Studio NAFA targets several different groups—design students, designers as well as design teams from a varied range of industries (trimming, apparel, interior design and fashion accessories), and fur technicians.

Student Curriculum

At Studio NAFA we encourage students to share, brainstorm and collaborate with one another. Through hands on workshops, participants are guided by Studio NAFA instructors to experiment with fur, mixing fur with textiles and other products, learning and altering techniques—all within an open and collaborative environment.

Designer Curriculum

Our curriculum for senior designers and technicians focuses on learning at a Master’s level and is challenging for even the most experienced furrier. We are also delighted to custom design a curriculum for brands and companies who need help on how to integrate the many beautiful NAFA products into their existing collections.




Daria McWilliams, Director of Studio NAFA

With a background in fashion PR and Marketing, Daria has worked with global brands such as Links of London, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Public School NYC.

Daria graduated with a Bachelor in Art History from Queen’s University and a Master’s in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. From there she worked as a journalist reporting on art and fashion in London and Berlin.

Daria’s creative background brings an enthusiastic and multi-disciplinary asset to Studio NAFA. She is excited to share her love for fashion and creative thinking with students and designers alike.

Farley Chatto, Toronto Deisgner

farleyFarley Chatto is a Toronto-based designer with a global clientele, renowned for his eponymous line of haute couture menswear, first launched in 1988. Over the course of more than 25 years in the fashion and design industry, he has dressed notable celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, Drake, Elton John, and George Clooney. Chatto teaches at Ryerson University in Toronto and he is also the in-house designer at Four Seasons Fur Co. where he works with customers to design and develop their furs. The designer has two fur fashion lines, Farley Chatto & My Wild by Farley Chatto.

John Kehagias, Senior Fur Technician, Consultant & In-House Furrier

John Kehagias is a Senior Fur Technician and Consultant with Studio NAFA, as well as a Production Supervisor with NAFA. John has over 35 years of extensive experience in the fur industry, having been trained from an early age by his father, a furrier in Kastoria, Greece. John spent many years in Kastoria gaining knowledge and experience in running a fur manufacturing business, and later, he owned and operated his own fur retail store in Toronto.

John has extensive experience in manufacturing and creating fur garments with dressed fur skins, including coloring, matching, cutting, sewing, blocking, working with patterns, and maintaining quality control.  This experience has been enhanced in his work with raw fur skins at NAFA, where he works in a supervisory role, overseeing napping, grading, live grading, coloring, closing, and quality control.

2018 Workshop

On Friday August 17th, Studio NAFA 2018 successfully wrapped at NAFA’s HQ in Toronto.

This year, NAFA hosted 15 students from 10 countries including China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Argentina, USA and Canada.

Each student brought their unique background and perspective to the intensive week of technical training and practice.

Led by furrier and fashion designer, Farley Chatto, the 2018 project theme was about Modern Masters – defining the term and what being a modern master means to each student. Students were encouraged to explore fur as an art form and conceptualize each part of the project from the application to philosophy behind their designs.

Senior Fur Technician, John Kehagias lent hands-on technical knowledge and expertise to students with varied levels of fur machine experience. Each student interpreted the theme in a unique and imaginative way that became an inspiring lesson to each participant.

In addition to studio time, the students also visited Parkinson’s Mink Ranch, the Iris Van Herpen exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum and Niagara Falls.

It was truly an international experience and the fur industry has certainly gained some new modern masters for the future.

Class of 2018

Alba Ciordia

Aleksia Pavlovic

Andres Cesar Caballero

Gabriela Ratomskaja

Helen Yan

Hui Yan Nam

Krystallia Tekou

Maria Stratou

Meng Siyang

Pilar Punte

Stephanie Lacoste

Sun Dechun

Tanziya Sadrieva

Valeria Papagni

Yang Jing