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Studio NAFA Hosts Two Successful Workshops in Korea

August 25, 2017

Studio NAFA hosted two successful workshops in Seoul, Korea earlier this week. The workshops, facilitated by Farley Chatto, Toronto designer and Studio NAFA collaborator, and Suemi Kim, NAFA Marketing Representative – Korea, were well attended with over 40 fur manufacturers present on Wednesday, August 23 and 50 fashion designers present on Thursday, August 24.

During each workshop, Ms. Kim briefly introduced NAFA’s history to the attendees as well as provided an overview about NAFA furs, NAFA labels and NAFA’s global endeavour to promote fur and fur fashion. Following this, Farley Chatto highlighted the latest fur trends for F/W 2017-2018 and provided participants with a detailed overview of fur manufacturing techniques.

A variety of NAFA promotional were made available throughout the workshops however it was the Designer’s Guide to NAFA Fur that was particularly popular.

Overall the workshops were a huge success. Many of the fur and fashion designers in attendance expressed how much they enjoyed the workshops as well as their gratitude for the new design inspiration. In addition, participants articulated a desire for more Studio NAFA workshops to be held in Korea as they would like more opportunities to learn about international fur and fashion trends.

The Studio NAFA workshops will be featured in Korea Textile News, a major source of trade media in Korea.


Fashion Designer Workshop August 24th