Introducing the NAFA Heritage Campaign 2017/18

NAFA is proud to present Sustainable Luxury Since 1670, the annual campaign that was inspired by nature, authenticity, beauty, luxury and of course, our heritage. Since 1670, NAFA has been supplying the fashion world with sustainable, luxury furs. The 2017 campaign captures NAFA’s selection of sustainable and ethically sourced luxury furs, styled in nature. Through still photography and video, the campaign showcases 11 looks across the four quality NAFA labels with designer pieces from Oscar de la Renta, Gianfranco Ferré Furs, Ego, Braschi, Michael Kors and Canadian furrier Argiriou. Shot at Kenauk, the private gaming reserve in Montebello, Quebec, Canada this past March, the looks were styled by FASHION Canada’s Zeina Esmail with authentic layers and knits. Known for their docu-style, epic landscape photography, Roaming Focus Productions shot both video and stills. The campaign features German-born model Esther Heesch and Montebello-local, Marc De Repentigny on the dog sled.

Ontwerpers in de schijnwerpers


Pologeorgis has been a pioneer in cultivating relationships that link the world of fur with the concepts of international fashion designers for over 40 years.