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NAFA hosts Workshop in Kharkiv, Ukraine

October 23, 2017

On October 18, 2017, just under 100 people, including skin dealers, manufacturers, retailers, mink farmers, dressing plant representatives and designers, met in Kharkiv, Ukraine to attend NAFA’s comprehensive workshop.

Hosted by Oksana Moroz, NAFA Marketing Director of Eastern Europe and Katia Popova, NAFA Marketing Representative in Russia, participants came from all over Ukraine – Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Rivne, Cherkassy, Izyum, Kyiv, as well as Tysmenytsya and Ivano-Frankivsk – to hear Oksana Moroz, discuss all things NAFA.

Vadim Chystyakov, Vasil Petryshyn, Oksana Moroz and Oleg Chirva

Diana Sekreta, Olena Kotsar of MEHOV Furs, Oksana Moroz of NAFA, Svarychevska Sofiya and Felix Rodionov

Nikolaos Konstantinou of MPV Ukraine, Roman Alexeev, Oksana Moroz, Elvira Alexeeva and Ivan Stasyuk of Tykafurlux

Irina Prodanchuk, Irina Parkhomenko, Mariya Galushka and Oksana Moroz

A collection of garments provided by UDEKASI Furs and Felix Rodionov- made from NAFA Mink and NAFA Northern wild fur – were displayed during the workshop as well as a vast array of North American and European mink and wild fur pelts in a variety of colours. Skins samples were kindly provided by the dressing plant MPV-Ukraine.

Notable attendees at the workshop included Irina Prodanchuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Kiev National University of Technologies & Design (KNUTD) and Oleksandr Dykyi, the President of Ukrainian Fur Farmers Association. Also in attendance were Ukrainian designers Felix Rodionov, Irina Parkhomenko and Mariya Galushka.  Felix and Mariya attended Studio NAFA workshops in the past and were happy to share their experience with all those present.

The well-known designer, Felix Rodionov presented a 2017/18 trend report as well as fur techniques he had learned while attending Studio NAFA. During his presentation Mr. Rodionov showcased samples of each method as well as several garments made of coyote, raccoon and beaver he had created using the NAFA techniques discussed.

After the presentation, guests mingled with enthusiasm and departed the workshop with NAFA brochures, the NAFA Retailer Guide and exciting new knowledge on the brand and trade.

Workshop participants.

Oksana Moroz presenting NAFA Labels.

Felix Rodionov presenting new fur techniques

Studio NAFA fur techniques attracted a lot of attention

Participants sharing their thoughts after the workshop

Irina Prodanchuk of KNUTD Kyiv