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Black NAFA / Blackglama

The Black NAFA and BLACKGLAMA labels are awarded only to the top North American black mink. This rare type of mink – with its naturally short, velvet-like guard hair and rich colour, has come to define the ultimate luxury. Fewer than 2% of the world’s global mink production qualifies for the coveted Black NAFA or BLACKGLAMA labels. 

Black NAFA and BLACKGLAMA are the finest and most luxurious mink on the market today because our producers are experts in their field. The knowledge and experience of NAFA producers are unparalleled in the business; their expertise is a result of decades of honing their skills to produce a superior, distinguished product.

Black NAFA and BLACKGLAMA label mink are produced with care and respect, in accordance with national laws, standards and codes of practice. 


Our knowledge of the industry combined with the skill and experience of our producers has allowed us to offer the world’s most prestigious mink to designers and manufacturers. NAFA Mink is a distinguished product that is silky, lightweight, luxurious and extremely warm. Notable varieties of NAFA Mink include Blue Iris, Sapphire, White, Pearl, Palomino, Violet, Mahogany, Pastel and Demi-Brown.

NAFA Mink is produced with care and respect in Canada, the United States and Europe, in accordance with national laws, standards and codes of practice.

NAFA Northern

NAFA has the largest and most comprehensive collection of high quality and sustainably harvested wild furs, with a continuous supply for almost 350 years. From longhaired Raccoon, Red Fox and Coyote to precious Lynx, Lynx Cat, Sable and Fisher to durable Otter, Beaver and Muskrat, only NAFA offers a full spectrum of natural colours and textures to experiment with. 

Furs labeled NAFA Northern provide designers with endless possibilities for the creation of lush, warm, show-stopping outerwear and accessories. While an array of modern dyeing, colouring and texturing techniques offer additional design opportunities, NAFA Northern furs naturally provide one-of-a-kind characteristics that reflect the unique North American landscape.

The strict regulation and administration of these natural resources guarantees that the highest standards of wildlife management are secure and that fur will continue to thrive as a natural, renewable resource.


NAFA offers a high quality collection of farm-raised fox to the world’s fur buyers. Our broad assortment includes Silver Fox, Blue Fox, Blue Shadow Fox, Red Fox, and Cross Fox as well as Dawn Glo, which is bred by a single farm in North America and sold exclusively under the NAFA Fox label.

Traditionally used for collars, hats, wraps and stoles, NAFA Fox is an ideal choice for designers because of its soft, glossy, lightweight fur, distinctive colouring and dramatic, high fashion look. 

Like NAFA Mink, NAFA Fox is produced with care and respect in Canada, the United States and Europe, in accordance with national laws, standards and codes of practice. 

NAFA Specialty Labels

The NAFA specialty label family includes NAFA Accessories, NAFA Home Accessories and NAFA Trim. These labels represent products created with NAFA ranched and wild fur and give consumers the confidence that the fur trims and accessories they have selected meet quality and environmental standards. 

Products under these labels can include everything from hats, earmuffs, scarves, handbags, boots, gloves, vests to shrugs, leggings, pillows, blankets and more.

Label Authenticity

Luxury label counterfeiting is a concern to consumers who want to assure themselves of the authenticity of the labels used. All of NAFA’s garment labels have integrated a special security fiber, which is woven into the label itself. Access to this material is very regulated and is being used by the finest brand names to reassure consumers and retailers that only authentic labels are being used. This unique fiber can be easily seen with the use of a small portable black light and reputable retailers will be pleased to demonstrate this feature.

Each NAFA label contains its own unique serial number to ensure authenticity. To validate your NAFA label, enter the serial number in the text box below:

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