Ethical Sourcing

We believe it is vital to ensure that our products are ethically sourced from producers who uphold the highest standards in environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and sustainability.

NAFA’s Ethical Sourcing program was developed to give our customers the confidence that NAFA Certified furs are sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable populations of ranched and wild fur.

We believe that quality products stem from the source. NAFA receives fur from small, family-run farms in North America and Europe and community-based, independent fur harvesters across North America. NAFA Certified furs are the result of a process that requires a significant amount of specialized skill, knowledge, and adherence to high ethical standards in the treatment of animals and environment.

By the year 2020, NAFA will offer both wild and ranch certified furs, recognized by brands and consumers around the world.

Vision 2020
NAFA Certified Wild Fur
NAFA Certified Ranch Fur
Vision 2020

Our Vision – Vision 2020 was launched to initiate and communicate NAFA’s ethical sourcing program and action plan. The program demonstrates NAFA’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of fur production for our industry through certification and traceability. See the document below to see where we stand in Phase II of our three phase action plan.



Fur is nature’s most sustainable and natural textile. Sourced from abundant, healthy wildlife populations or certified farms, fur is a renewable and recyclable fabric that can last decades.

Today’s consumers are looking for environmentally responsible products. Natural fur is a contemporary material with a rich heritage that appeals to designers and consumers of all ages. It is a clean, sustainable fashion material.

The fur sector is responsible and highly regulated with welfare and sustainability at the core of its operations. The industry generates millions of jobs; from trappers and farmers in rural communities to designers and skilled craftsmen in cities across the globe.


Traceability refers to the ability to track and document the movement of an item through stages of a supply chain, including the ability to verify the origin, history, manufacturing process and final application of that item. In today’s global market, consumers are increasingly aware of where their products come from, what they are made of, and how they were procured. Assuming responsibility, traceability and accountability of materials, production and distribution have all become essential factors for the success and survival of many modern businesses that range from food, to fine wine, to fashion, including luxury fur.

All furs that are delivered to NAFA are traced through the auction process via bar-coded computer tag that identifies the producer or harvester who provided them.
These records are maintained and updated regularly in our database, and they allow NAFA not only to keep track of the origin of the fur and its status in the auction process, but to ensure the sale of fur is properly invoiced, and that each consignor is fully compensated for the furs that he or she has provided, once they have been sold.

After the pelts are sold, NAFA works with the buyer’s freight forwarder to supply or provide data for required export documentation. These documents may include government permits, certificates of origin, and/or health certificates if the goods are to be shipped outside of the country, including special permits for CITES Appendix II species. By law and regulation, collected raw fur pelts must be accompanied by proper documentation, no matter what their position in the supply chain.

NAFA Certified Wild Fur

The NAFA Certified Wild Fur is the first of its kind in North America. Through full transparency and informative studies about wild fur, NAFA Certified fur will bring confidence to our buyers and the fashion industry.

Only NAFA offers the largest selection of sustainably and legally sourced wild fur species from Canada and the United States.

Developed by North American Fur Auctions, the NAFA Certified Wild Fur  lays the foundational criteria to ensure NAFA’s ethically sourced wild furs meet the highest standards of animal welfare, are sustainable, traceable, and come from licensed and trusted sources.

NAFA Certified™Wild Fur Criteria: 

NAFA Certified Terms & Conditions
Upon collection, community-based harvesters consign their pelts over to NAFA with a pelt receipt which contains the NAFA Certified Terms & Conditions. Upon signing the receipt,  the harvester affirms that they abide by all laws, regulations or codes of conduct in their jurisdiction outlined in the NAFA Certified™ criteria.

NAFA Certified™ Wild Fur is fully traceable and comes with all appropriate documentation for legal export and import. Each fur pelt received at NAFA is identified with a bar-coded computer ticket that can be traced back to the source. Export and import of NAFA wild furs is conducted according to inter-jurisdictional and international requirements and agreements. NAFA Certified™ Wild Fur pelts can be traced back to the Country of Origin which they were harvested in.

NAFA Certified™ Wild Furs come from licensed, qualified hunters or trappers, regulated through their State, Provincial or Territorial Wildlife Agency, and are harvested according to science-based Regulations, Standards and/or harvesting methods that meet the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) requirements.

NAFA Certified™ Wild Fur is sourced from ABUNDANT and SUSTAINABLY MANAGED furbearer populations. The wild fur trade in North America is governed by the principles of conservation through sustainable use. Government regulations are in place to sustain healthy populations of wild furbearers that are in balance with their habitat. No endangered species are handled by NAFA and their trade is not tolerated.

NAFA Certified™ Wild Fur SUPPORTS LOCAL AND INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES and RURAL LIFESTYLES. Trapping provides food, clothing and much-needed income for families in rural or remote communities where other forms of employment may be hard to find. It also plays a vital role in the maintenance of important Indigenous cultural traditions


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NAFA Certified Ranch Fur

NAFA strongly advocates certification of our fur products to ensure the continuous support for the farmers to produce the fur, and fashion brands and consumers to welcome fur as ethically and responsibly sourced. NAFA has, therefore, been coordinating the certification systems based on guidelines from:

• Canada : Canadian Code of Practice for Farmed Mink
• USA : Humane Care Merit Award Program USA
• Europe : Welfur

Certification according to the above methods will qualify for NAFA Certified status.  NAFA advises farmers on both continents to get certified, as soon as possible, to be prepared for 2020 when NAFA intends to begin selling Certified fur.

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