Introducing the 2018/19 NAFA Designer Campaign

Set in Lake Como, Italy, the 2018/19 NAFA campaign features fur pieces from Oscar de la Renta, Monse, Bibhu Mohapatra, Vladimiro Gioia, Braschi, ego, Sergey Efremov, Pajaro, Pologeorgis, Langiotti, MELE 1880, Jindo and Antonio Didone. A showcase of sustainable fashion, the season's latest colours, textures and trends naturally beam against a 19th century villa and lush, Spring flora. Each garment in the campaign was crafted from ethically sourced NAFA fur -  one of the most sustainable and natural textiles used by fashion designers today.  From all natural luxury to the use of sequins and beading to embellish timeless Black mink, each express the innovative reinvention of fur design year after year. New and advanced dying techniques highlight classic NAFA Can/Am Sable dyed indigo with metallic effects; a statement NAFA Northern Raccoon coat in electric yellow and blue; and a sporty NAFA Mink jacket transformed with a merlot hue. Captured by Milan-based fashion photographer, Fabio Leidi, bold and beautiful dyed and natural garments pop under the Italian light. Inspired by the electric era of the 70’s, stylist Nadia Bonalumi fashioned an aura of elegance with sequined wrap dresses, silk –tied blouses, monochromatic total looks and power suits. The new NAFA campaign showcases Fall’s best and brightest trends made of NAFA furs.

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A Tribute to Eddie Reich