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A Tribute to Eddie Reich

August 24, 2017

On July 29 2017, the fur trade family sadly lost one of its greatest members, Eddie Reich of New York City. Having carried on the Reich Furs family business into its third decade, Eddie was instrumental in bringing some of the biggest names in fashion into the fur world.

In the third issue of FRONTROW Fur in Fashion Magazine, NAFA interviewed Eddie about his recent accomplishments and plans for the future. As the magazine goes to print, NAFA is saddened to share one of Eddie’s last interviews. He will be greatly missed.

Eddie’s wife, Maria, his son Dylan and niece Samantha proudly continue the business in Eddie’s name.


FRONTROW: License to Amaze

A link and creative source to global luxury brands for over three generations, the family business, Reich Furs of New York continues to excite customers with a host of fresh designs with eye-catching techniques and quality furs.

As the long-time partner and licensee behind Oscar de la Renta’s fur designs, Reich Furs unites high fashion and the world of fur. With thirty years of experience in sales and selection of raw materials and the help of his talented Creative Director and wife, Maria Reich, CEO Eddie Reich continues to deliver top quality products under the family business that was founded just after World War II.

FRONTROW recently chatted with Eddie Reich to learn more about the business.

FRONTROW: Reich Furs is a hub where designers and technicians from the world of fur can meet. How do you match your creative ideas with your processing techniques?

Eddie Reich: Everything is spawned from a very strong creative partnership. Our office is a hotbed of ideas and our team’s favourite part of the production process is precisely the moment when we have to succeed in reconcile the new technologies with different types of furs and fabrics.

FR: On the subject of creative minds, can you tell us briefly about your partnership with Oscar de la Renta?

ER:  It is truly an honour to work with Oscar de la Renta. This brand is the ultimate emblem of the typical American luxury company. Fur garments known for their extremely high quality, for their stylish decorations, for their joyful colours and spectacular embroidery work are the greatest contribution that anyone can make to the world of fur.

FR: Can you describe your latest collection? In terms of the moods, colours, furs and processing techniques used?

ER: Our latest collection, Resort 2018, is inspired by a safari theme and so we have focused on animal prints.  After selecting natural Lippi Cat fur, we created insets to reproduce leopard spots using dyed mink and fox furs. The colours of the collection are always exceptional but, in particular, for this  season, we focused on fern green. We then re-created the classic tweeds used by Oscar de la Renta in his ready-to-wear collections, processing the furs with tweed-effect insets in the shades of red, white and black. To date, this is one of our favourite collections.

FR: The first and fundamental step of the process is buying the fur. You often buy NAFA furs. Can you tell us why?

ER: Our family has been a loyal customer of NAFA for generations.  They have a vast range of mink, sable and wild furs of an extremely high quality that you can’t find anywhere else. Thanks to their wide range of colours, textures and types of fur our designers can freely express their creativity with no limits!

FR: What were the most sought-after furs for the 2017/18 Fall Winter collections?

ER:  Mink, sable and fox.